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Owner gallery
This section is dedicated to displaying owners bikes. If you would like to include your bike send
me a picture(s) and include a little about yourself and some info like how long you have owned it,
what have you modified.

Duane Wiebe has a nice 81   story/picture
Ron Morelli has a mystery bike   story/picture
David Newton of the UK sent in this  picture
Jim McCoy sent in these black and white pictures of his   Gpz550
Dan Nowak sent in a shot of his red 1981  Gpz550
Ray Perkins owns this 83 red  beauty
Adam is a very dedicated rider  see why
Walter Braunohler's '82 GPZ 550 two pictures
Colin Campbell has a trick 81  Colin's Pictures
Joby Johnson's mint 83  Joby's Bike
Mark Whiteheads  black beauty
Mike Holcombe is rebuilding  Before-during
  Mike sent an update update
William Butler's 81 has a lower   faring
Natas has a nice  1984
Pxjksteb has dual  headlights
Costella Sergio has an 83 in   Italy
Donald Wyatt has an 81 former   racer
Michael Kilber has a   clone
Darren Farrer has a red   standout
S. Banks has a project   bike
Keith Apgar has another nice  1984
Marty Braun's 82 bike had a different   look
Heidi has a 86 bike in   Germany
Justin's 1989 (with a GPz400 tank)   Gpz550A5
Han Walhof has another 1989   Gpz550A5
Brian Guest has a nice black 85   Gpz550
T. Lefebre has a nice 81 with the new Kawi green   paint
Greg Betty repainted a and made new decals, excellent    work
Kelly got his first GPz550  13 years ago
Craig Zinn has a really nice   red one
Adri has worked hard on her   GPz550
John R. Goodman is a  racer
Karen Roberts is hunting for bits like a  chain guard
Ian Sandian went from junk to a   beauty
Paul Ormsby went $480 to $1000 in the  living room
Holger gets to ride in mountains of   Romania
Jung Ahn another "youngster" like me has a   Black 1985

Tobias Theobald lived to talk about it   Rear ended
Brian K did a great job adding a   faring
Alvin Melton would like to replace his   1981
Brendan O¹Neil has a real nice 81 with 750 parts   1981
Jason Johnson of Newfoundland has a   1986
Barry McMullan is doing a   rebuild
Raśl Penedo has a brightly coloured   1983
Stephen Wilkinson has fun on a   1989
Tobias Allstadt has a nice 1984 with luggage   carrier
Alex Rowe has red   1984

Lou has 1981 with  auto signals
Bill and Allinson have a   Red 1982
Nelson has a   pristine 1985
Nigel has a nice   1984
Kev has a nice   1989
Ilya did a 3 week project on a great  1983

Finally getting my updates done, these were added Sep/2005

Red 82 for $900  Andrew Martin
Florida Keys to Nova Scotia  Andrew Mays
82 Black Beauty  Christofer
An 84 and an 83  Cliff Coker
Black 82  David Sajeva
Black 83  Diane
Bad accident - he's still going  Marcus Watkin
an 82 from Slowenia  Matej Kokalj
vandal attack  Nisse Kvitter
sleeping in a house for 10 years  Paul Stockton
completely stock 1982 GPz 550  R Pattison
Red 83 GPz550  Walter Lassahn
completed my 83 Gpz (see brian K above)  Brian K
closed the deal on a 1981  Neil Gribbins
selling it in two days  Kurt Andress
bought it new in 1981  John Van Vugt


Various GPz 550 Images

These 4 were sent in by Mike Larson