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I am not a mechanic and like most people I am struggling along making mistakes and learning as I go. It doesn't matter how many list groups you belong to, how many bits of cyber advice you get for your particular problem/question, in the end you are the one that makes the decision to use the information. If you can't afford to take you cycle to a professional, (who can), a factory manual with step by step instructions and pictures is your best friend.

Bike specifications
Please let me know if you see any typos or anything that does not make sense. The specs shown are from magazine articles, and the table entries may vary.  It depends on what the magazine reported for that year. I will try to make them consistent later.

1981      1982     1983      1984      1985      1986

Mike Larson sent in a spec page from Cycle World Sept 81 for the  1982

Factory manual
The following are scans from the Factory Manual. Because I wanted all the detail available they were scanned as big 3 meg files. I suggest that you right click on the link (Netscape users may have to shift/right click), save it to you hard drive, and view it with any Graphics program. If you click the link to open the picture it will not be very useful, it's not shown in it's actual size. If you do open it right click the picture to save it.

Electric's 1982 GPZ 550     84 GPZ 550 Swing Arm

Thanks to xxxxxxxxxxxx for sending in the following word document from his Clymer manual. It covers the front forks and windscreen for a 80/81. There is a reference to a supplement for bikes later than 82 so it may not work for them. - 4 meg, Ms Word doc

The fuel tap Picture   description

Reader submitted

Part Swaps - Hints - Tips

Sales brochure - 1987

Base Manual for the KZ550  Base Manual.pdf - 40,578KB (I forget who sent this, sorry)