From Arty

The following part list is compatible with a '84 or later GPZ 550 (I can't verify the '83 or older)

The GPZ 750 front end (WHOLE FRONT END) can replace the 550 front end with these discretion's:

1) The fork damper is different but you can use the connection from the 550 front end.

2) The brake hose is a little bent due to difference is distance (closer) but will still work perfectly. The bitch with this is bleeding the brakes! I don't have a bleeding kit so I had so waste 2 hours bleeding the brake system because I replace the connection to the 750 damper.

3) The stanchions are wider, thus the need for me to mention (front end) which includes both triple clamps.

The amount of oil is the same because the inside diameter (of the stanchions) is the same as the 550 stanchions (200 ml.).

The reason for this experiment was because my 550 forks had too many pits in the chrome, resulting in the brakes being saturated with fork oil.

GPZ 750 gas tank is compatible is you are willing to weld the mounts. The 750 neck is about 2 inches wider then that of a 550 so you would have to weld the mount to make the wider.

GPZ 750 Dash board is the same as a 550.

I hope these suggestions help the 550 community, 750 parts sell for cheaper than 550 parts on ebay so that is why I made this list.


The 550 and 750 bikes where both born in the year '84 so I can't guarantee any compatibility between an '82 750 and an '84 550.


Just thought you might like to know that the Z750 exhaust system will fit straight on to the GPZ 550d (81). I own a GPZ 550d, and fitted an after market Z750 Motad system. The manifold size, etc is identical, so I presume the standard system would fit to. The only mod I had to make was removal of the centre stand, and adapting the rear bracket. I have a feeling that the Z750 centre stand might well fit, but hav`nt verified that yet. You can actually get away with the centre stand being left on, but its a bit low.

Also GS 650 Katana rear shocks go straight on, and the colour matches the origional GPZ red too!! Z750 engine protectors can be fitted, if you can weld, as the bottom bracket, needs to be cut off and welded back on. About half a centimeter needs to be cut off the centre section too. I should be able to add to this list, when I have finished. You see I have a dead 750, which I am breaking to keep the 550 going. From what I can see, loads of bits will fit.

I am also reliably informed that a GT750 pipe will go straight on, with the adaption of the rear bracket. Will send some pics of the bike when its finished. When Ive sorted the carbs that is!!!

Hope this is of use