Site Changes

Oct 18, 2005 Added to the links page
  • Thrifty Rider recommended by Neil - exploded views of parts
  • Lou's modified GPz site - buildable electronics, bike mods and software.
  • Corey's '85 GPz550 Stage 3 K&N Jet Kit Install
Sep, 2005 Cnanges as follows
  • Changed format of links page - usinge bullets for items
  • Added 16 GPz's to the Gallery.
  • added to the words page = memories of my GPz - Tim Janssen
  • Removed dead links from links page
May 02, 2002 Made some changes to the HTML for a 1024 x 768 screen.
Added the Fuel Tap diagram from the manual.
April 22, 2002 Added Raśl Penedo to the gallery
Added Stephen Wilkinson to the Gallery
Updated Mike Holcombe gallery pictures
Added the before pictures of Paul Ormsby red beauty
added Alex Rowe to the gallery
April 20, 2002 Added a pop up message pop up message

Added to the gallery page the following

Added pictures of Brian's bike showing the installation of a full faring.
Added a sad picture of a wrecked 550 owned by Tobias
Added pictures of the bike Alvin had in 1981.
Added pictures of Brendan's 750 modified 81
Added a 1986 in Newfoundland - Jason Johnson
Added a rebuild project started by Barry McMullan

Nov 20, 2001 My apology for taking so long with these updates.
Now that the winter has arrived I will have more time.
- regards Barry

Added 9 bikes to the gallery page Nov 20/2001
Added a 1987 sales brochure sent in by Kathy to the Garage page
June 29, 2001 Revised the Links page & added links to local motorcycle shops
Added a review = Motorcyclist - Feb 1993
Updated a review = Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - Apr 97
Added information regarding exhaust systems on the Links page
Revised the Gallery page
     Added 2 more people
     Added pictures sent by Mike Larson
June 28, 2001 Added 8 people to the Gallery page
Changed the garage page
     merged hints/tips and parts swaps link
     changed the link titles for the year specs

Added 4 missing pages to the Motor Cyclist Feb 1981 review
Changed the layout of the words page
May 25, 2001 Well I have decided to put up my new site even though it is not perfect.
See the To Do entries below for current fixes needed. If you see any
others let me know please.

Mar 11, 2001

Started changing the links page, links now open in a new browser window.

Mar 06, 2001

Starting moving things around in preparation for a new site.
  • Some pages will now open in a new browser Window.
  • Moved entries from "owners words" to an old guestbook page.
        These entries are now linked from the top of the current guestbook page.
  • Added the story of an accident to the Owners words page.
        We should all read "the Pace and "My accident"

  • Feb 2001

    Added URL's to two Faring suppliers on the links page

    Feb 2000

    Added information to the parts swap page - sent by Arty


    To Do
  • Scan and post the magazine articles
  • Create and add GPz logo at top
  • Ensure all links open in new window
  • narrow left side to shift all pages left?
  • Determine why the 82 spec page drops down at top
  • Determine why left border is slightly wider than graphic above on some pages