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I asked Greg for some info and he replied as follows (I have not included the questions but they should be obvious):

Yes, I still have the Minimost.

Yes the remote was put on a KE7, take a look at the attached pic.

Frame- yes 1 x 6 is okay, actual depth ends up 5 inches see figure 4, view A I have attached some pictures of the marine epoxy I use. Great stuff at $10 a pound. As I recall you can use about 3 of these two package sets. Apply epoxy to both parts just where they join, make it thin but enough to just squeeze out when clamped into position, let dry over night.

With that (bottom) extension, if you leave it as is you may have to cut out some clearance for your motor, see attached picture, not a good idea because it sprays up water through the opening. I cut off half of the back extension, about even to the edge of the hole cutout. Note I also extended my transom, make your height correct for your motor or you will have to do what I did and extend the motor up, motor cavitation plate should be about even to 1/4 inch below the bottom of the boat for maximum speed.

Lots of room to sit in, no need to try and do an extension but you can if you like, just need to adjust all the parts, I would not try this because the side deck parts I don't think will fit. or the side planks may have trouble also.

To waterproof I used about 25% boiled linseed oil in 75% mineral spirits, soak all the wood except where you plan to epoxy. You can build the entire boat and don't put on the front and rear deck wood tops. I sealed up under the deck parts and did not get this waterproofing on the epoxy area. Let sit over night.

Next take 50% boiled linseed oil in 50% mineral spirits (half and half), paint the entire inside again along with the underside of the deck pieces. You can do it again but I am not sure you need to, Make sure you get the edges of all plywood. Next paint the inside and under the deck pieces with good marine paint. I use a Nautical Pint called Yellow medium and Mack Red #3014. You can try and find this paint at 800-432-4333 or any other equal paint will work.

This paint is a Synflex polyurethane topside finish running about $16.99 a quart. I think one of each will work if you cut the paint with thinner, as I remember it comes thick and you will need to thin it.

Regular plated screws because I counter sunk every hole and put epoxy over every screw to seal it so no water could ever find a screw.

Some pine under the Deck frames, some fir for other parts, any lumber will work just make sure you don't have a knot problem. Fir is easy to find, yellow pine may work also for some but it is hard and may not bend easy. Plywood was A-C 1/4 inch as I recall with no knots showing or filled. It was exterior glue grade, not marine with knots filled. You don't need marine grade because you are not letting this boat sit in the water all the time, next you will have it sealed and painted real good.

Thanks, Greg

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