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John Platou

I'm presently building my third MiniMost. The first in 40 years. This one is for my 5 1/2 year old granddaughter, she helping and having a great time. Her color choice is pink and purple. we screwed and nailed bottom on Sunday and roughed in and fastened the sides tonight. The next step is fairing and then gluing and screwing sides in place. Hopefully either tomorrow or Thursday. Should varnish inside this weekend. It starting to look like a boat.

Cost so far

  • wood about $400 for all mahogany frames and plywood all marine grade Houston prices.
  • Screws all silicon bronze - about $100
  • CPES- $160
  • Glue - $30 of 3M 5200
  • Epoxy - $50
  • Paint - probably $100

    Total $840
    Could have done it out of 1/4 fir A/C and fir frames for about a 1/3

Time about 15 hours without grand daughter helping, but add another 10 for help and questions. She learning a lot. Does well at lumber yard, beginning to be able to use a tape measure, good with laying out and marking with pencil, can picture parts on drawings and can tell which part we are building, holds lumber well, caries her end of lumber, pulls switch on drill for drilling, can almost hold electric screw driver, good at nailing, but best of all having a great time.

Game plan - quickly cut and rough assembly with grand daughter, when she goes homes carefully rework and reassemble. Seeing progress is key for her.

Progress- Sat she asked when I was going to build her 2 1/2 year old brother his boat. She understanding that here parents boat is not enough and you really need several. Thats good as I own 7 with one more on the way. She figured out tonight that she might want to put her boat in the lake since out pool is not that big and she couldn't go that fast. Her first motor will be a 30# thrust electric troll motor. Then a 3.9 Merc when she older.

I asked John for clarification on thre following:

CPES is Smith's clear penetrating epoxy sealer. Claim to fame is preventing rot and an excellent primer.

I used the plans from an old S& M mag, the original mag I saved as a kid. The hardest part is calculating where the chime and top shear meet and join the hull. I assume about 30" from the rib. The 46" dim is helpful but with a 24 radius chime would only be 46-24=22 inches. Seems like a dim here would be of great help. Will hopefully be putting on deck this weekend. Seems like a filler between deck and bottom would be a help. Plywood to plywood never seemed good to me. I glassed the two orginals, trying not to glass this one.

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