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This site was started Jan 03, 2002 - check back often for updates

My name is Barry and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My wife and I bought a cottage in the fall of 2003, which started me on my 3rd or perhaps 4th childhood. Consequently I needed to have a "fun" boat. I remembered seeing plans for the Minimax and during my look for them I discovered the Minimost. I decided to build the Minimost because it was better suited to choppy water, would be faster and more stable.

This site I hope will resurrect an interest in this inexpensive hydroplane, be used by current/former owners to share stories about it and provide assistance to those building it for the first time.

It was suggested to me that that this boat would make an excellent entry level "racer". Perhaps this site will generate additional interest in this idea.

I can be reached at via my