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The following people, in alphabetical order, have built this boat and some currently still have it.
( most links below will open a new browser window)

Brian Cranfield - Blackstock, Ontario, Canada
Brian has provided a set of pictures   go
New Pictures May 10, 2005   go - opens a new browser window

Jason Culp
Jason is well along to building his go

Scott has provided finished photos   go

Skip Hagerman - Hammondsport, NY
sent a picture of his 1965 minimost.   go

Joerg Hoffmann in Germany has some good pictures go

Greg Marchand - WI, USA
Greg has provided construction and finished photos   go
An update from Greg - Sep/2005 go

John Platou
Pictures show the family helping with construction.   go
update from John - Sep/2005 - on the water   go
update from John - Jun/2006 - Emma's boat wins award   go

Tony & Brandon Sabino - Ontario, Canada
Tony implemented a unique cowling and floation go

Glynn Sirmans - Brown's Crossing, Georgia USA
Glynn has provided a description, photos and a homemade streering drum diagram   go