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Minimost was designed in 1962 by William Jackson as a low-cost playmate for the Minimax, Science & Mechanics most popular sport boat (Craft Print Project No. 255). By using stressed-skin construction and advanced under-hull design for the minimost it was possible to wring more speed out of the same size hull. When fitted out with any the current light-weight outboard motors in the 10 hp class, you've got speeds well up into the 30-mph range. Needless to say Minimost's record low cost and construction time means more more money for other things and additional hours of fun.

Mr. Jackson's plans for this boat were published in September 1962, spring 1973 and 1978.

Greg Marchand built his boat from the orginal 1962 Science and Mechanics magazine that his friend Steve Allen had saved.

  Greg took some pictures of the magazine