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June, 2006

  • Added pictures from Jason Culp to the reader Boat page
  • Added a CAD file to the Plans page
  • Revised the About page
    • Minor text revisions
    • Added my picture
  • Started on the FAQ page
  • Revised the Plan page
  • Updated/corrected the readers Boat page
    • Added pics for Glynn Sirmans
    • Corrected and updated the page for Skip
    • Corrected the page for Scott Ferrazzani
    • Fixed links to consistently open new windows

April, 2005

  • Please excuse the lack of updates. I have been recovering from a medical problem.
  • Added a discussion forum to the site
  • Added an additional page regarding Brian Cranfield's plans

Jan 09, 2003

  • Added pictures of the original MiniMost article from 1962 Science & Mechanics magazine Supplied by Greg Marchand from a magazine owned by Steve Allen

  • Added pictures Brian Cranfield's MiniMost