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Glynn Sirmans

I used the original plans with no problems, just took my time to "think every thing through". I used Gorilla Glue, it worked well. The cost of lumber was approx. 85.00$. I found some imported 1/4inch hardwood plywood for 11.00 per sheet at Lowes. It seems very strong and is working well so far. I painted the hull inside and out with a water base primer and sealer from Wal-Mart. Used Three coats of Red enamel paint, from Wal-Mart also .

Steering wheel is from a Murray Lawn Mower . The steering drum is made from 2 inch PVC Coupling with a rounded cap and 3/4 inch pipe bushing on the other end. Total cost around 200.00$ for lumber , paint and steering hardware. (Steering Wheel was donated) ( I was keeping my receipts, but lost them.) The good thing about the cost is you don't have to purchase everything at once. You can buy as you go. I plan to mount a ridding mower gas tank under the cowling to save room and weight. Had her out on the 4th of July , on a rough lake with lots of boat traffic, she stayed together and pass the stress test.

Thanks again, Glynn

P.S. Feel free to share this info and my photos with anyone.

Glynn Sirmans boat featured in  Duck Works