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My son Brandon and I were looking for a wood working project we could do together. The fact that we both love boating and water made the Minimost a great choice. I don't have any pictures of the very early stages of the construction because to be quite honest we didn't know how it was going to turn out. The fact is that many tried to discourage us from building the minimost suggesting it would be a waste of time,, money and effort. I think that gave Brandon and I the extra desire to complete our mission.

With a bottle of sparkling water the Speedy Bee was launched Fathers day 2006. She handles very well and has been clocked at 28 miles an hour. We have the hardware for the steering but are still looking for the hardware to connect to the Suzuki 9.9 for the throttle. Hopefully that part of it will be complete by the Spring. Here are some pictures of Brandon have fun. Oh, Dad gets to have sometimes too.

We had the boat registered to make it all official (even though operating a 9.9 did not require it). Minimosts are relatively small, fast and agile boats however, because we operate it on the Rideau system where large crusiers regularly pass we decided to paint it yellow for maximum visibility.

One thing I must emphisis, the safety requirements that apply to larger boats also apply to the Minimost. Make sure you have all the necessary safety gear. The Ontario Provincial Police (water unit) pulled Brandon over for a safety check which he passed with flying colours.

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