Hello GPz550 owners After 18 years of providing the GPz550.com web site/discussion board I am sad to announce I will take it down on
Sep 01, 2020.

There are 4 reasons

1. When I started this site it was the only site devoted to the GPz550, I created it to help GPz550 owners meet each other and share information. With the passing of time many sites and a FaceBook page devoted to the GPz550 have been created so information is now readily available

2. With the creation of so many sites mine does not see much activity. To increase the activity I would need to do a complete redesign, add information and promote the site. I just turned 76 and my mind is not up to the effort.

3. I currently host the GPz550 site and discussion forum on a Microsoft windows hosting site. The discussion forum is based on Microsoft Access database and it has grown way too big to be efficient.

I could not find any way to convert the MS Access database to something like a more efficient Linux MySQL database. This meant I can not move it off of the windows server. It remaines my only site on the windows hosting Server. This is expensive for a single site - $140 a year.

4. My pension requires that I save some money :-).

My thanks to Corey Clough, who did 99% of the site support, for many years fighing spam users and answering questions.

My thanks to the GPz550 owners who over the years offered thier thanks to me for the site.

My thanks to the few that contributed the requested $10 a year, or more, towards the site costs.

If anyone would like would like to continue the sites I am willing to provide all of it to them. This would also involve a transfer of the gpz550.com domain name to the new owner.

To continue to the forum click  here
If you are not aware of it please have a look at the website  available here

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